The “T” Family | Cape Coral Family Photographer

The “T” Family | Cape Coral Family Photographer

Meet the “T” Family!  I had such a great time with this group, and can officially call myself a Cape Coral family photographer.  It’s such a beautiful place, and not far from where I live, but I generally don’t visit Cape Coral too often because I get lost every time.  And I mean, every single time!  I usually have a pretty good sense of direction, and of course there’s GPS, but I don’t know what it is about that place that gets me so lost.  Luckily, this time wasn’t too bad.  🙂

We started off at one of the most beautiful parks I’ve seen in this area.  It was right on the water, and instead of a sandy beach, the shore was lined with big, pretty rocks.  Perfect for photos!  There were little, almost private sections with picnic tables and grills all along the shoreline, with plenty of gorgeous trees covering all of it.  In the center of the park was a playground for the kids, too.  I would love to go and spend a day there with my family!  I was so happy to have been introduced to this place.

When the family arrived we got straight to work.  The mother was a former model, and the oldest daughter was currently, so they needed no help striking a pose!  We got tons of family shots at that spot with the warm afternoon sun, and then headed over to our second location.

Mrs. “T” requested sunset pictures on the beach, and recommended another place I’d never been.  I was thrilled when we arrived, because it was absolutely beautiful there.  It was a little chilly there that night, for Florida, anyway, but that didn’t stop us!  We got some beautiful sunset photos, and even some fun silhouettes!  I’d say it was a pretty perfect session.  And hey, now I can call myself a Cape Coral family photographer who doesn’t always get lost.  🙂

Here are some of the highlights from our session!

Couples portrait beach sunsetFamily portrait beach sunsetFamily lifestyle portraitFamily lifestyle portraitTeen portrait


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