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Family Photographer Fort Myers | Laura Michele Photos

Family photos are some of the most important to keep up with.  My entire extended family absolutely loves to look back at old family pictures!  Every time we get together it’s the focus of our visit.  My grandmother had pictures covering every inch of every wall in her house, and bookshelves filled to the brim.  And the photo albums!  What an absolute treasure photographs are.  They can bring you back to a point in time, and you can feel like you’re actually there again.

As a mother, I’m constantly taking photos of my children and family.  I have tens of thousands of photographs just of my own family.  But if I didn’t make a habit of hiring a professional photographer once a year, I’m not sure my kids would believe I was around all their lives!  Haha.  Seriously, how many times are moms actually in the pictures?  This is where I come in!

I want to get the moms (and dads) in the pictures, too!  I want to leave you with the heirloom quality photos that will be passed down through the generations.  I want to design those beautiful photo albums that your great-great-grandkids will fight over in 100 years.  I want to capture your memories!  Please visit my Contact page to see the different ways to get in touch with me to schedule your family portrait session today!