Braden’s Turning Two | Bonita Springs Family Photographer

Braden’s Turning Two | Bonita Springs Family Photographer

Hidden in Bonita Springs, Florida is one of my absolute favorite parks to take pictures. For a Bonita Springs family photographer, it really has it all. Beautiful landscape full of trees, a dock and gorgeous red bridge over the river, and an abandoned railroad track. When I was asked to do Braden’s two year photos, I knew right away that this was the perfect spot. Two year olds are infamous for their high energy, and low patience. I knew we needed plenty of space to run, and even more options for backdrops. This place had it all for a little boy, and his three-year-old brother, Collin.

Two-year-old boy with balloons on tracksBoy in frame at parkBoy in frame at park
We started off by letting the boys cut loose at the playground, and then it was straight to work. I wanted to start with the railroad tracks, since it was a little late in the morning, and the harsh mid-day light was already creeping in. There was only one little remaining spot of shade left on the tracks, which left me with the unfortunate requirement of shooting from the bridged portion of the tracks. I have an insane fear of heights, and did I mention that these tracks were abandoned? It probably wasn’t the smartest idea, but I already had the shots in mind, and they came out great! So I consider it a risk worth taking.

Once we were nice and dirty from the rusty railroad tracks, it was time for a wardrobe and scenery change. While Braden and his mom got ready, I got some fun shots of Collin with one of my props, which thankfully enticed Braden to pose with the prop as well. That quickly became boring, so we attempted our picnic scene by the river, with the red bridge in the background. This was a no-go until we decided that it would be much more fun if we could throw leaves in the air! Then the boys spotted the dock across the river, and we just HAD to go see if we could see any fish. This made for some great shots of both of them! We finished off the session with some bribery so we could get “two-themed” photos for the birthday party invite, and then we just played.Two-year-old boyTwo-year-old boy

With boys (or girls) this age, the best shots are always the ones where they’re allowed to just play. You get to see their natural expressions, and genuine joy. And that’s what you really want to see when you look back at the memories of your babies when they’re grown. Besides, have you ever seen the reaction of a toddler after telling them to do something they’re not interested in doing? 🙂

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